Technology in QA Documents Archival
By Dr. Kanwaljit Uppal, Senior Specialist
Documentation, Aurolife Pharma, LLC

We have seen many efforts to be able to store as much as possible into as small amount of space possible. Whether it is related to stuffing a suitcase with too many clothes (and not being able to close it), to using every inch of storage in your home or the storage and archival of a company’s documents, the goal has always been to make the most of the available space. Storage and archival of documents bears significant importance in the pharmaceutical industry due to the code of federal regulations that mandate us to archive and store documents for years after a batch has left our facilities. With the significant increase in volume that Aurolife has seen in the recent past, the team needed to figure out a way to optimize and streamline the storage and archival of the thousands of documents generated within our facilities.

Kardex Remstar, a Swiss company, has introduced Shuttle Storage – a unit which is like a tower with service windows easily accessible by the users. The modern technology has made it very space saving as it provides a number of trays stacked on either side of the central retrieval rail chain in the middle of the tower. The trays, once loaded, are taken to the position selected by automatic height sensors of the machine, to stack in such a way that minimum headspace is left unoccupied once they are stacked in the tower; this way we are using every available space inside the structure. (See picture showing this unique arrangement). The height of the tower can be matched to the height available if it is installed inside a warehouse.

Aurolife Pharma, LLC. has acquired three such units for QA Documents and Labels Archival, which will make a large storage room free for other usage. This will also facilitate the quick and easy retrieval of the desired documents within minutes from the accessible service window by entering the tray number on the touch screen without climbing and using step ladders in the conventional storage rooms (which will also assist in safety concerns). This will also help in centralizing the stored documents to be available at one place rather than scattered in different storage rooms.

The unit is equipped with a secure access to the authorized users only and the controlled documents are protected and remain secured.

If required, it can also be connected to an available inventory software and can be controlled to manage the stored inventory.

This is just one step of many, which the organization is taking towards improvement of critical job functions to enhance efficiency, and to ensure utilization of the best technological advancements in the industry.

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